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Leeds Drain Solutions specialise in unblocking blocked toilets, sinks, baths, shower drains and other internal drains.

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Internal Blocked Drains Cleared


Do you have an internal blocked drain in your home or workplace needing cleared?

Blocked internal drains such as kitchen sinks, blocked showers, baths, bathroom sinks and blocked toilets are fairly common and are much of the work any drainage company do.

What may seem like a small drain blockage that may clear by itself can lead to a much larger problem with additional costs, so if in doubt give us a shout.

We clear blocked drains the same day, in Leeds and the surrounding areas.

We can also help you with your External Blocked Drains

Yorkshire Water


Yorkshire water are responsible for all blocked drains in the public sewers in the Yorkshire area, but aren’t usually responsible for drains that lie between your property and your property boundary unless shared.

Yorkshire water often have up to 5 days waiting time. We can usually arrive the same day, often within an hour and clear the blockage. In rare cases such as when the main sewer is blocked then that is  a job for Yorkshire water.

Blocked Sink in Leeds Kitchen
Blocked Kitchen Sink
Shower Drain
Blocked Shower Drain
Kitchen Sink Drain
Kitchen Drain Plumbing

A Drainage Company You Can Rely On

We understand the frustrations a blocked drain can lead to and aim to give as fast a response as we can.

For emergencies, we can be there the same hour if you’re in Leeds or the surrounding areas and we’re available.

Leeds Drains Solutions have worked all over Leeds, for both commercial and residential clients, offering solutions to problems with drain for more than two decades.

Over those two decades, we’ve come across all the common internal blocked drain problems and a few not so common scenarios too.

Hair from Blockage
Hair from Blocked Sink
Food Blocking Sink
Typical Blocked Sink Cause
Blocked Kitchen Sink
Water Filling Sink Drain


Common Internal Drain Blockages

  • Blocked Sinks
  • Backed up Toilets
  • Bath Drain Blockages
  • Shower Drain Blockages
  • Blocked Toilets


Blocked Kitchen Sinks

The kitchen sink is probably blocked more often than any other sinks or drains in the house. Food from dishes being washed is often going down the drain with the dirty dishwater, fats and oils are being poured down them and other substances that are difficult to break down. Often a drain cleaner won’t shift the blockage.


Blocked Toilet Sinks

The most common cause for toilet sink blockages is hair. This can be from shaving over the sink or simply washing your hair over it. Hair should always be cleared out of a sink and disposed of in the general waste.

Blocked Baths and Showers

Baths and showers are also often blocked by hair as many will shave in the shower or bath. What may seem like just a small amount of hair going down the drain soon accumulates until it gives you a problem.


Blocked Toilets

Toiletry items such as sanitary towels, baby wipes, cotton swabs can’t be broken down as much and as quickly as tissue and should never be disposed of this way. Even tissue if flushed in large amounts can cause a blockage.

You can prevent most of these blockages from happening in the first place by simply changing a few small habits.

If you have an internal blockage you can get to shift it is always best to seek professional advice and the services of a qualified and experienced plumber or drainage engineer. Read more about Blocked Toilets


Other Drainage Services You May Benefit From

For the blockages more challenging to move we offer a Drain Jetting Service. There is no additional cost for the use of our industry standard high pressure drain jetting system.

If the cause of your blockage is hard to determine, and where conditions allow it, we can perform a CCTV Drain Camera Survey to get to the bottom of the problem.

In cases where there is damage to any drains, pipes or even brick and stone work around the drain, we offer Drain Maintenance and Repairs

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