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Leeds Drain Solutions specialise in unblocking blocked toilets, blocked drains, manholes and all types of drainage problems.

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High Pressure Jetting

If you have a blockage in Leeds proving to be too stubborn to move call us for drain jetting!

Leeds Drain Solutions have a high pressure water jetting system available for use at no extra costs. If you’re in Leeds or the surrounding areas we can usually have our drain jetting system and engineer with you within the hour if it’s an emergency and the same day for non-emergencies. If it is an emergency you can call us 24 / 7 throughout the year.

What is High Pressure Drain Jetting?

High pressure drain jetting is the process of using a high pressure water jet that has a special nozzle attached to a hose which drives a high pressure spray of water. Driving it down drainage systems, external drains and pipes drainage engineers can reach a good distance and around any pipe bends to get all the way to the problem area. Not only does this clear most blockages it can give your drains a good clean too, getting rid of build ups of dirt and debris before they become future issues. We can adjust the pressure at which it operates at so can safely use this on both External Blocked Drains and Internal Blocked Drains


The Benefits of High Pressure Drain Jetting

  • Fast and efficient
  • No use of chemicals or drain cleaners
  • Clears stubborn blockages fast
  • Cleans years of buildup, reducing the chance of future issues

There’s no need to use chemicals which can be harmful to the environment, a high pressure drain jetting system is very effective, even up against the most stubborn of blockages.

A typical blockage can be cleared in relatively little time and for those more stubborn it should still be less than an hour, if there are not any other factors to consider as well as the blockage itself.

Blasting away any debris and blockages may solve the problem, if the problem persists there may need to be a CCTV Camera Drain Survey carried out which is something else we offer.

If after clearing any blockage there is damage revealed such as tree roots breaking through, cracked, broken or collapsed pipes we can Repair and Rebuild Drainage Systems

We’ve cleared many drains in Leeds and surrounding areas over the years, with many happy previous customers we look forward to you becoming one too.

Not Just For Drains

You Can Have High Pressure Jetting for Blocked Drainpipes Too!

Drainpipe Jetting

A small hole can be cut to gain access into blocked drainpipes in order to clear any blockages 

Jetting a Drainpipe

Our high pressure jetting system proves to be very effective at clearing out blocked drainpipes

High Pressure Jetting for Drainpipe

The drain jetting system we use allows us to reach blockages higher up in the drainpipe

After the work is complete, we can cap off the hole that was cut in order to the gain access

High Standards

Our drainage engineers work to the highest of standards. Punctual, reliable and friendly, they work fast and efficiently to get the job done with the minimum of disruption.

With many years of experience in clearing drains and of using our industrial high pressure water jet, they are very competent in their work and will always give clear and honest advice and information on any job.

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